Hail Damage on Commercial Roof in West Point After the hail storm, we worked on the roof at Stover Chiropractic Clinic in West Point, NE. The picture shows us in the middle of a patch and repair job of their commercial roof.

Hail Damage on Commercial Roof in West Point

The first step in repairing a commercial roof with hail damage is to document the damage with a licensed roofing contractor like Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. You want a commercial roofing contractor that has been through the process many times before. We have, and we can help you inspect your commercial roof for hail damage.

We start by helping you with your paperwork for the insurance company, to file your claim promptly. Doing so will provide you with peace of mind that you are working with a professional, practical repair and the maximum compensation for your roof job. Not all commercial roofs are the same. Inspecting damage and possible further damage must be by a commercial roofing contractor with the experience to do the job right.

If your roof is in good condition, you may need a recoat and hail repair job. Like we did in the picture above. This type of commercial roof repair was for a local chiropractic clinic in West Point, NE. We have maintained their roof throughout the years, so they only required a patch and repair job. If your roof is older and not well maintained, you may need a new roof entirely. Regular roof maintenance and keeping your roof inspected by a professional commercial roofing contractor are essential. Not only to keep your commercial roof protected but to help you through the process when a disaster occurs. If you are looking for a commercial roofing contractor to maintain your roof over the years, call Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. today.

Date: 2020-07-14

Ask us how you can save money on your Commercial Roof Repair or Maintenance using Cool Roof, Roof Coatings or Spray Polyurethane Foam.

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