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American Legion

Photo Description:

Project Overview

Spray Foam Roofing job on the American Legion roof in Neligh, NE. We applied spray foam over this metal roof. We started with cleaning and pressure washing the metal roof to remove any rust. We replaced any loose bolts and fasteners.

We sprayed the roof with a roofing primer. Then we sprayed the roof with a Spray Foam System (approximately 2 inches) and tapered the foam towards the edges. Spray Foam roofing is often used to help seal up all the roofing leaks.

And, then we applied a “base coat” roofing system and covered the entire roof with topcoat roof coating product.

The roof restoration project was completed before the hail storm in June of 2014, which subsequently damaged the roof from hail damage.

We work with insurance companies to help you get your roof claim processed and back on track. We worked with their insurance company to clean the roof and repair the hail dents. We then re-applied the topcoat roof coating to get their warranty reinstated.

The American Legion roof in Neligh is leak-free to this day. We have customers all over the Midwest rely on us to help them maintain their commercial roof and keep their warranties current with the product suppliers.

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We have completed the commercial roof training offered by The Conklin Company and other related certifications and programs as a highly trained roof contractor. We take training seriously as part of our process of ensuring quality commercial roofing.