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Omaha Bakery Supply

Photo Description: Omaha Bakery Supply new roof installation.

Roofing Inspection Summary:

During the evaluation, we noticed severe storm damage throughout the whole roof and with further inspection the storm damages have actually caused the membranes of the roof to lift up and in some areas tear, revealing the EPDM rubber that was underneath.

We recommend a Commercial Roofing inspection annually for Single-Ply Roofing systems. The cost for regular maintenance is far less than the cost of a full commercial roof replacement.

Project Overview

The commercial roofing project was in Omaha, Nebraska at the Omaha Bakery Supply's main building. The commercial building had a major leaking problem. After a full roof inspection the building owner decided the roof was too badly damaged to just apply roof coatings. We worked with the insurace company adjuster and bid on a new commercial roof replacement. This project is a good example of how storm damage over time can cause the roof to be too badly damaged to repair. 

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Commercial Roofing Certifications

We have completed the commercial roof training offered by The Conklin Company and other related certifications and programs as a highly trained roof contractor. We take training seriously as part of our process of ensuring quality commercial roofing.