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Family First Dental

Photo Description:

Family First Dental in Onawa, IA. This roofing project consisted of a single-ply membrane over an existing built-up tar paper roof. The roof was starting to get old and deteriorated and they had a lot of leaks and problems with the roof. We had worked on other roofing projects for Family First Dental in the past so they asked us to look at the roofing project in Onawa, IA. We proposed to use a single-ply membrane over the existing roof. To start we put a separation paper between the existing roof and the new single-ply roof. We laid it down and tacked it. We rolled out the single-ply membrane from edge to edge. We screwed down one side and overlapped another sheet and continued the process until the entire roof is covered from bottom to top. Then we use a robotic and handheld welder to weld the seams together. And, then we finish up the detail work by going around protrusions, air conditioners or anything like that to seal up with more membrane. Finally, we go around the entire edging and put a termination bar to terminate the membrane around the edges of the roof. The single-ply project we worked on for Family First Dental was in Onawa, IA.

Family First Dental's main office is in Norfolk, Nebraska. We worked on that office in 2014, we tore off the old roof and put on a full metal roof replacement. At their Ord, Nebraska location we did spray foam roofing. We also did another roofing project for them in Hawarden, IA - this was a shingle roof and we added spray foam in other areas. We have done several projects for Family First Dental over the years. And, we look forward to working with Family First Dental for the years to come. We work with a variety of roofing methods and materials for companies throughout the Midwest.

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Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems, Inc. specializes in spray-applied roofing systems from quality vendors, including The Conklin Company, BASF, 838 Coatings, and ALDO, for more than 30 years.

We have completed the commercial roof training offered by The Conklin Company and other related certifications and programs as a highly trained roof contractor. We take training seriously as part of our process of ensuring quality commercial roofing.