Bill Blank Agency

Bill Blank Agency

Metal Roof Coating Restoration

Madison, NE

The Bill Blank Agency in Madison, Nebraska. This roofing project was a Metal Roof and Tar Paper Rolled Roofing System. We had to restore two different roof types. With our metal roof restoration system, we pressure wash the steel to remove as much rust as we can. We then primer where needed. We cover all the seams with a base coat over the vertical and horizontal seams where the panels come together. The last step to restore a metal roof is to apply a final topcoat of a roof coating system.

With a Tar Paper Rolled Roofing System we power broom the roof to prepare it for primer. We sprayed primer where needed. For the base coat system, we embedded a fabric cloth into the base coat. We do this by spraying a layer of base coat, then we roll the fabric over the base coat and finally we spray another base coat over the fabric and back roll the product into the fabric. We make sure to overlap the seams of fabric (just like a shingle roof on a house) you overlap the seams going up the roof. When the Tar Paper Roofing section was complete we then sprayed it with a final topcoat of a roof coating system.

The Blank Agency roofing project was completed approximately 30 years ago when we first started. A few years ago we recoated the entire roof after their 10 year warranty ran out. We came back and re-coated the entire roof to help properly maintain the roof and re-up the warranty. After all of these years, the client has been satisfied with our work and they have had no leaks or problems.

We will be coming around soon for yet another roof re-coating system to ensure they maintain their warranty.





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