Kiefer Manufacturing in Kanawha, IA. Kiefer builds custom and standard horse trailers. For this Metal Restoration and Spray Foam Roofing project we did their entire facility, the office and main manufacturing plant.

Over the office area the roof had already been spray foamed previously. We cleaned up the roof and applied new spray foam and roof coating.

The manufacturing roof was a full metal restoration project. We cleaned up the roof, applied roofing primer where needed, and sealed up all the seams, bolt heads and any protrusions that came through the roof surface. We made sure to seal it all up. Then we sprayed the entire roof surface with a top coat of roof coating.

The entire job took several weeks because of the size of the facility. The employees at Kiefer were very nice to work with. We stayed on-site, outside of Kanawha there is a nice hunting lodge so we were close by. We appreciate the hospitality the people at the plant and the town. Overall this was a great customer to work with.


Stellar Industries Inc.
305 E 1st St
Kanawha, IA 50447



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