The Army National Guard Facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. This was a full metal roof restoration system (including spray foam) on all the ridge caps and where all the buildings met each other at different stage heights. We did the project in late August when it was extremely hot. We had to employ other sub-contractors to come in and assist us on this project. We had to get some other people in there to work as there was a lot of work to be done. We spent several days on the full metal restoration process - power cleaning, primer where needed, base coat system on all the seams, bolt heads, protrusions, and in addition, we did a spray foam system on all the ridge caps and different heights of building roofs that came together. And, finally a final roof coating spray over the entire roof on all buildings. Two very large buildings are located on the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska near the airport. You can see these two buildings from Interstate 80 traveling though Lincoln. These buildings today 10 years later look spectacular with a solid white roof and are in great condition.





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