Norfolk Airpark Industrial Track is located South of Norfolk, Nebraska near the airport. NENES, Inc. worked on two of the metal roof buildings owned by Paul Abler. These buildings needed full Metal Roof Restoration and Coating Systems.

We have a metal roof coating system that involves multiple layers of roof coating liquid.

We prepare the roof by power washing the roof panels. For certain roofs we spray a special roof cleaner prior to power washing the roof.

Next, the first layer of roof coating “base coat” is sprayed on the roof surface. We start with a base coat roofing application paying special attention to every bolt hole, protrusion, and all of the roof panel seams. In some cases, we apply a second layer of base coat.

We use a special pliable caulking compound to seal up all of the seams, bolt holes, etc.

Finally, a white top coat is applied over the entire roof surface in one seamless layer.





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