Omaha Bakery Supply

Omaha Bakery Supply

Single-Ply Membrane

Omaha, NE

Northeast Nebraska Energy Systems (N.E.N.E.S. Inc.) recently did a roofing project in Omaha, Nebraska. This roofing project was done on the Omaha Bakery Supply building. Omaha Bakery Supply contacted us to come take a look at the roof they had, which was having a major leaking problem. During the evaluation, we noticed severe storm damage throughout the whole roof and with further inspection the storm damages have actually caused the membranes of the roof to lift up and in some areas tear, revealing the EPDM rubber that was underneath. 

After further consideration we decided that we could no longer go through with just putting roof coatings on. With some consulting and considerations with the client and their insurance provider, we got an adjuster out there to get a better insight on the roof. The adjuster decided the whole roof needed to be torn off and redone.

The biggest advantage that EPDM roofing has, is its cost. This is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials around and while the material is black and does absorb heat, it isn’t easily damaged by UV rays, which helps it hold up well in sunny climates. EPDM rubber roofing is also very lightweight, so the roof deck doesn’t need any kind of reinforcement. This type of roofing is fairly durable and when done right a good quality EPDM roof can last up to 20 years.

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