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Metal Roof Coating Restoration

We recently worked on a commercial roofing project at the Pac N Save grocery store in Wayne, Nebraska. In 2000, we applied a complete Metal Roof Restoration System on certain parts of the existing roof and a Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System on the other parts.

After 20 years, the property owner decided that this year in 2020, it was time for the roof to be re-roofed again. To complete this commercial roof repair right, and after evaluating the roof’s condition, the best option for this metal roof restoration would be; to completely resurface the existing roof system. A metal roof restoration system that had been applied to this now aging roof over 20 years ago.

The grocery store’s roof had some severe problem areas, such as hail and storm damage that had occurred to the existing spray foam roof system. The roof’s condition, as it was, required some of the existing spray foam to be removed, a process called spray foam scarfing, because the existing spray foam roof surface was damaged. The roof’s top layer of spray foam coating had water seeping into the existing foam on many areas.

Metal Restoration Roofing Systems are beneficial to any steel or metal roof. The process of the Metal Restoration Roofing System neutralizes any rust, eliminates any kind of protrusions and seams, and then seals the entire roof with Acrylic Coatings. A well-done metal restoration roofing system can last up to 20 years and provide you with an energy-efficient roof that will save you money!

There are so many benefits to keeping a roof well maintained. Keeping up to date on your roof keeps your investments protected, avoids more expensive roof repairs later down the road, and extends the life of your roof. Call N.E.N.E.S. Inc. in Norfolk, Nebraska to extend the life of your roof and guarantee the highest quality products and performance.

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