This project was done in Pierce, Nebraska for one of our customers named Shari. This is not our first project that we have done with her, she owns two buildings downtown and on the first building we did a Metal Restoration System throughout the whole roof. For the most recent project that we did for her was on an EPDM rubber roof. Shari called us because she had a leaking problem in part of the roof and on the other part, she wanted to make sure it would never get to that. This is a really good thing to think about, because most people don’t think about that preventing maintenance, is much easier to do than to wait until the damage has already occurred. After evaluation of her EPDM Rubber Roof, we decided that we would do roof coatings over the EPDM to bring it back up and beyond standards of a nice EPDM roof. To do this we used ALDO urethane coatings over the EPDM. To start the project off we started by power washing the roof clean so the primer would have a nice clean base to hold onto. All of the seams were then taken care of by using a urethane base with cloth embedded into it. We made sure all protrusions, seams and units were covered so nothing would get through or cause any damage further down the road. After everything was covered, we took a urethane base and top coat to the whole roof to finish it out. This project ended up looking really nice and well done, and Shari was very pleased with how the results turned out. 


101 W Main St • Pierce, NE 68767



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