The Smeal Fire Truck Apparatus roofing project is located in Neigh, Nebraska. The Smeal corporate office is located in Snyder, Nebraska. We worked with Smeal in the past at the Snyder location. They asked us to help them repair the Neligh building. Smeal purchased the building in Neligh to expand its manufacturing operation. The building they purchased used to be used to construct mobile homes and before that, it was used to manufacture combines. When you drive by the building everybody knows the building for the unique orange color.

The metal roof restoration process included power washing to clean the roof, applied primer where needed and applied a base coat system over the seams. We then applied a final topcoat over the entire roof.

To help them change the look of the building and change the color we power washed the sidewalls of the building. We used a roofing coating product (or sealer that appears clear) over the walls. This sealed up the chalkiness over the paint. We sprayed coating overtop the walls and changed the entire building from orange to gray. This project was several years ago and the building is still looking good and the roof is in great shape. Ask us about how we can help you repair your commercial roof and preserve your building for years to come. We can help you change your existing building color to something else if you wish to change the appearance of your building.





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