Flat Roof top with spray foam over the EPDM rubber roof at ESP Salon in Norfolk, NE Photo:

NENES, Inc., a Commercial Roofing contractor, repaired this Flat Roof with spray foam over the EPDM rubber roof at ESP Salon in Norfolk, NE.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair or Replacement

We repair Commercial Flat Roofs made of Tar, Gravel, or Rock.

Roof Repair for Flat Roofs made of Tar, Gravel, or Rock

In some cases, a cost effective option is for us to repair your Tar and Gravel roof. We clean the leaking spot, and reinforcing mesh. It can sometimes be troublesome finding the roof leak. And, sometimes it takes more than one patch or service call to completely stop the leak. Keep in mind this is a temporary solution. Flat roofs are prone to a number of common issues, including leaks, ponds of standing water, and common wear and tear.

Our goal is to make your flat roof like new again through the use of a spray foam or roof coatings. Commercial Roof Coating is another cost-effective and energy efficient solution. Sometimes it is better to add more years to the life of your roof than save on the roof repair with just a small patch. If we see a lot of cracks, leaks, or other problems with your flat roof, we will recommend a roof spray foam or coating. And, if we can fix the problem with a minor patch we will recommend that option. No matter if the job is small or large we are here to help you find the right solution and fix the leaky roof.

Spray Foam and Roof Coatings for Flat Roof Repair

We repair and service all types of flat roofs of all sizes. If we determine spray foam is the best solution we removed as much tar, gravel, and rock as we can. Then we apply spray foam over-top the existing roof. Finally, we apply roof coating by spraying a rigid roof coating over top the spray foam. This is a great way to seal up all the leaks.

It is possible your roof does not need spray foam and needs to be sealed up, roof coatings are great for flat roof repair or replacement options. This is because roof coatings can be applied directly to the roofing surface. Flat roofs have three options for coatings: silicone, acrylic and aluminum coatings. These coatings are liquid applied directly onto the roof surface and then cure to a rigid surface once completely dry.

Single-Ply Roofing For Flexibility and Protection from UV Rays

Single Ply roofing membranes are designed to be installed in one layer. They also exhibit great flexibility, and they're resistant to UV radiation, which is superior when compared to other products. We install white finish for your flat roof installation.

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